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Österlanden HD

by I, Parasite

Hush HD 05:10
my restless mind cold thoughts take flight sink with each step to familiar depths where I have strayed no tracks are laid a voice then said "I'm lost again" hush
displaced, crushed from all sides towards the east, my sight this blade must be alive it makes rivers down my spine vultures, not far behind I hear their quiet flight how long to decide? a knife that gives or takes life
it all lurks behind the eyes my body breaking up, breaking down, breaking in a glimmer of hope within my youth knew nothing this place is not my home
Thaw HD 11:13
I’ve crawled back to my broken roots all memories shared, lost the cold care a pat on the back pretending to find peace this wicked world where we don’t care anymore we head straight to the thaw keep the knife alive buried deep inside and vultures pick the bones as the sun arrives and the frost declines our winter is the wound could you put me in the earth? or is it more than I am worth? hush I see the figure in the sky my hands cut lines through form and light my flesh hangs, fingers from the sun the more it hurts, the more I’ve won I am the self-defeating fraud a wave of hands, a light applause - oh hush begone, the carrion birds on our best behavior lessons break through the skin blood to slow to recall put me deep in the earth a kindness that you don’t owe taste it, a mouth full of sin laugh as though we thought so keep the knife alive buried deep inside and vultures pick the bones as the sun arrives and the frost declines our winter is the wound
Old Blood HD 05:32
hand rests upon the knife awaiting the chance to free you eyes locked upon the sky allowing the words to pour through hands in the snow inscribe the meanings, a mere illusion where would you like to fly? where would you like to fall from? as the last bit of youth recedes we see everything as threatening the demons of my neglect but I know they won't forget me


Österlanden in high resolution 96k, 24bit files.


NOTE: I don't recommend purchasing this version if you don't have a way to play high resolution files. If you do, go for it. If so, I recommend FLAC, ALAC, WAV, or AIFF formats for the download.


Österlanden is the fourth and final full length album from I, Parasite. The seven songs presented are some of I, Parasite’s most raw and vulnerable works, welding together elements of rock, folk, and doom metal with industrial electronics.

Regarding the approach to this album, Christopher has said:

“I’m very excited by ‘acoustic’ and ‘electronic’, but not so much "electric" right at this moment. Sound waves crashing around in a space. Ringing resonance and natural reverb. Detuned frequencies fighting for dominance. A sonic Ouroboros on the edge of out of control.”

Although this album marks the end of a two decade long journey for Christopher, the spirit of Österlanden lives on in I, Parasite’s successor, Winter Is The Wound—with new music to come in 2023.

“I, Parasite make brilliant use of feedback and discords in such a way that they become central instruments. In places it screams, in others it warbles and murmurs.” - Soundsphere Magazine


released September 2, 2022

I, Parasite | Österlanden

Performed by:

Christopher Jon - vocals, synthesizers, glockenspiel, percussion
Steve Kefalas - drums & percussion
Scott Landes - acoustic & electric guitars
Natasha Cox - piano
Emily Joy - French horn

All songs written and recorded by Christopher Jon.
Recorded & mixed under duress in various locations around Los Angeles.
Mastered by Alan Douches @ West West Side Music.
Photography by Melyssa Anishnabie.

STS Serge synthesizer provided by Bradley Allen.

For Dia.

Special thanks to the following people for making this album possible:

Vivienne Gucwa, Neil Corbin, Jared Kane, Shannon Marie Brown, Trevor George, Jay Ericson, J.R. Raith, Arran Gore, Bryan Tabuteau, Emmanuel V., Christopher Regan, Ebromero, Insectoid, Marco Schuch, Amanda Klecker, Tim, Travis Aaron, Ariel Rios, Mae, Christopher Wimbrow, Trevor Woodhouse, Chris Perkins, Damien Williams, Daniel Carter, Scooter McCrae, CJ Coffman, Andrew Morris, Jacob Hochstetler, Robert Stahr, Anastasia Kirillova, Jill Hoffman, Lillith Abatu, Samantha Jane, Dara Steinberg, Oliwer Ejderbrand, Mr. Shroomy, Radosław Włodkowski, Kent Lundberg, Demetries Oberc, Scott Landes, Joshua Thomas, Jared Schapansky, Cadence Bennett, Jennifer Rzeppa, Melissa Atwell, Carolyn Antonion, Alex Treyer, Matthew Slater, Steve Kefalas, Marcus Scriba, Matt Calkins, Travis Goodn, Xavier Bernard, Christoph Grote, James Light, Shaun Phelps, Hector Santiago.

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I, Parasite New York, New York

I, Parasite has been creating industrial-infused sounds since the mid 1990s. Their fourth and final full-length album, Österlanden, is a realization of a twenty-plus year sonic journey. Although the album marks the end of this chapter, the spirit of Österlanden will live on in I, Parasite’s successor, Winter Is The Wound—with new music to come in 2023. ... more

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